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You’ve made such great art this year, and we’re excited to keep creating with you in 2016! A new kourse starts in January, and there will be more new kourses throughout the year. Our new teachers (and some familiar faces) will show you exciting ways to make art. We’re expanding our blog, Student Union, and social media pages, so you can stay connected with SBS teachers and your fellow klassmates around the world.

Sharon Belknap

Sharon Belknap

Enrollment for the new kourse starts January 1, so don’t miss the big announcement—follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. In the meantime, remember to draw that second helping of dessert before you eat it, and post your holiday sketches; we can’t wait to see them. From all of us here at Sketchbook Skool, have a happy holiday season!

Kerry McFall

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