Art by Penny Dullaghan

Our #FridayFeeling: Excited! It’s the first day of the new term here at Sketchbook Skool. Students from all over the world are filing into our virtual klassrooms, taking our Beginning, Expressing, and Draw It Like It’s Hot klasses.

They’re about to find out that Sketchbook Skool klasses aren’t just online art lessons; they’re a way to access the creative part of you that may not have been able to come out and play since you were a kid. Our students tell us that these klasses have changed their lives, bringing more meaning to everyday moments and giving them a sense of joy and wonder.

So if you’re starting a new klass today, welcome! Say hi to your fellow students in our Student Union, meet your teachers Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene, and start having fun with your lessons. And if you haven’t enrolled in Skool yet, it’s not too late–you can still join all the fun. Just click here to get started!

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