Art: Andrea Joseph

Lettering is a form of art. We all have our favorite fonts, but imagine creating your own unique hand-drawn letters. Turning words into pictures. Making your favorite quotes into beautiful artwork. This is what Sketchbook Skool instructor Andrea Joseph teaches in her 30-day workshop, Creative Lettering.

Look carefully at the image above; it’s not a collage. Andrea is an amazing artist who can use ordinary pens and markers to create images that combine realism with flair. Andrea marries her own unique style with her long study of lettering and fonts in Creative Lettering, a month of fun and innovative lessons, assignments, and field trips around Andrea’s town of Derbyshire, England.

Creative Lettering is an on-demand workshop that you can dive right into today. Click here to watch a trailer and start taking klasses today.

Andrea Joseph is a self-taught artist living in Derbyshire, England. She started out making intricately detailed art with basic ballpoint pens; her more recent work centers on glorious ink pen urban sketches and stylized portraiture and, of course, artistic hand-lettering. She calls herself a heavy soul, but students love her lighthearted approach to drawing and lettering, as well as her charming accent. See more of Andrea’s work at

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