Greeting Cards: The Best Holiday Cards Ever


…are made by Sketchbook Skool students. There are a lot of beautiful cards out there, made by big stationery companies and small, privately owned labels. But everyone’s favorite holiday cards are the ones you make yourself. They say more than any professional poet could possibly say, because it’s your creativity on that card. To see some of the cards our students made last year, click here.

The cards you make yourself show people you took the time and care to craft something. You made it! That means it’s unique and special. There’s an added benefit too: drawing your own holiday and special occasion cards really makes you feel like an artist. No critical inner monkey voice can take that away from you. Plus, only you can craft the perfect card that says exactly what you want to say.

Okay, you’re convinced—you’re ready to scrap those store-bought glitter shedders and make your own festive stationery! How do you do it?

Card Making Method One comes from Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Jane LaFazio, who taught a klass in Beginning. This method requires a bit of skill, time, and a set of crafting knives. Click here to watch this video from Jane’s blog, where she’ll show you how she made a rubber stamp from a drawing, just as Sketchbook Skool teacher Penny Dullaghan did in her klass in Expressing. Follow the rest of her steps to create your own holiday cards and envelopes.

Card Making Method Two is super-simple and good for people short on time and crafting knives. First, either make a holiday-themed drawing, or find one you made from past holiday seasons. Then, go to Pick the type of card you’d like to make. Follow their easy instructions on how to upload your art to fit the card. Fill out the written part (maybe with an annual family update, or an all-around message), and you’re done! Your cards will arrive in time for you to send out to people you love.

Card Making Method Three: Stay tuned for a special Sketchbook Skool announcement on Monday…

Oh, and one more thing: Don’t forget to sign the sketch you’re using for your card, because that’s what artists do. Happy holiday-card making!

2 mins

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