Sketchbook Skool Gift Certificates are here! Now you can give someone you love a gift that really does keep giving–online art lessons that will start them on a creative habit that will last a lifetime.

We have two kinds of gift certificates that will suit any artist and budget:

Click here to get a $29 SBS Gift Certificate for our newest kourse, How to Draw Without Talent. This kourse is perfect for absolute beginners, as well as pros who want a fresh look at the basics of drawing. With this kourse, you can learn how to draw anything!

Click here for an “Any Klass” Sketchbook Skool Gift Certificate. This is good toward any of our $99 kourses, including our upcoming kourse, A Drawing A Day, which starts January 2.

Just click on the links and follow the instructions to send your gift certificate over the holidays, or now if you can’t wait to make someone super-happy. You can even print out this snazzy little gift certificate artwork to surprise someone with. Sketchbook Skool kourses are perfect for anyone from parents to kids, that relative who’s so hard to buy for, friends, coworkers—anyone and everyone on your list. If you want to get some art supplies to go with it, you won’t have to break the bank there either; Sketchbook Skool klasses can be done with a simple pen and pad of paper. Let your gifted future artist go from there. Bonuses for you: The joy on your loved one’s face, the beautiful art they’ll create, and no trip to the mall with the mile-long lines for parking and check out. (You don’t have to thank us.)

Happy gift giving, and happy holidays from all of us at Sketchbook Skool!

Featured art by Koosje Koene.

Please note that the $29 SBS Gift Certificate is only good toward our How to Draw Without Talent kourse and cannot be applied toward any other kourse.

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