Getting it Out There: Part III


Last month, we introduced a series of posts about Sketchbook Skool students getting their work out into the world in a bunch of different ways. First, we heard from Susanne Nason who entered her first community show. Then, Kerry McFall described her way of sharing her sketchbooks, literally, by exhibiting her sketchbook pages at a local wine bar. Now to wrap up our series, a Sketchbook Skool student has turned simple drawings into small, fun objects meant to uplift, be given and received. See below for Sharon Belknap’s story…

A grade school friend noticed I was drawing like I did way back when I was 12 and was happy to see my sketches. It’s how she remembers me. She then challenged me to 7 days of positive FB posts “With Sketches”. My response was 7 little squares with sketches of objects in nature I love. When I posted these on our Sketchbook Skool FaceBook page, I received a tremendous response and people wanted me to make them into something to sell. Well I have! Tidbits of Love are making their way into the world.

This is my own grassroots effort to promote creativity, kindness and the act of giving. Each Tidbit is a small drawing on a card that has uplifting words written on the back that reflect what we’ve been to each other and I want to share them with the world! You get 40 Tidbits in a box to share and inspire others.

I have created a website for them and am currently accepting and shipping out orders! I hope that these tidbits will spread all over the world and inspire the hands that they reach.

I am so grateful for each of you and applaud YOUR courage and unlimited kindness. Tidbits of Love were born out of our collective love for creativity and Sketchbook Skool’s commitment to supporting us. May we all step closer and closer to our dreams, together

Whether it is through posting images online, exhibition of drawings or sketchbooks, or actual sales of art in different forms, Sketchbook Skool students are constantly finding new ways to share their art with the world and we couldn’t be prouder!

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