Art: Nate Padavick

Our newest kourseLet’s Make A Map starts next week, and students are so excited they wanted to know how to warm up for the first klass! Kourse instructor Nate Padavick gave this assignment from Let’s Make A Map as a preview.

Hi, I’m Nate Padavick, Sketchbook Skool teacher and instructor for Let’s Make A Map.

I thought I’d introduce myself with a fun art project: making your own Compass Rose! This is a simple exercise you can do in 2 minutes, and it shows you how creative maps can be.

What’s a Compass Rose? Since the purpose of many maps is to give you direction, a Compass Rose is a vital element. It shows the relationship between the images on the map and a north-south-east-west direction. The Compass Rose can be uniquely designed and decoratively adorned. For example, if your map has a garden theme, you can draw the Compass Rose with stems, petals, and flower shapes.

These hand-drawn compass roses below show how creative they can be. I can’t wait to see yours! Post your art in the Sketchbook Skool Facebook Group with the hashtag #sbsletsmakeamap.

Let’s Make A Map takes you on a creative adventure. I’ll teach you how to draw maps, all the different kinds of maps you can make, and much, much more. It’s great for all skill levels. And now that you’ve got a head start with your Compass Rose, Let’s Make A Map!

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