Fountain Pens Live: Your Questions, Answered

If you love fountain pens as much as we do, our new live-streaming workshop ​Fountain Pen Fundamentals​ (March 21, 12-3pm ET) is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Of course, there's nothing like the experience of meeting others in-person, and learning alongside them—but we think this virtual experience is the next best thing.

Our live-streaming workshops are new to us, and we’d love for you to join. But we know you have lots questions before considering enrollment. We created this FAQ to answer them. Let's begin! 

(Watch the video above or scroll down to read more.)

Q: What’s the experience like? 

A: Our live-streaming workshops are filmed from multiple angles by professional videographers to show you exactly what the instructors are doing. You will follow the process step-by-step, in real time, with detailed explanations. It’s like you’re there!

Q: What supplies will I need?


Q: 250 participants seems to be a lot for it to be an intimate workshop experience. Doesn't it?

A: We’ve streamed webinars with 100+ participants and were still able to lend a personal touch. (In fact, during 2018's SketchKon conference, we held workshops with 250 people—in person—to great success.) With 250 participants, you get the best of both worlds: the experience of community and learning alongside your peers, plus tailored, intimate instruction.

Q: How much feedback will I get?

A: There will be a 1-hour long, live Q&A session. In the SkoolYard, Sketchbook Skool’s online social network, you’ll be added to a special group where you'll share your process and pictures of the art you created during the workshop, while giving and getting feedback from your peers. During the Q&A, we’ll discuss some of the shared art. If possible, some of the instructors may drop by the SkoolYard after the workshop to respond to the group artwork, as well.

Q: Can’t you make it cheaper?

A: Given the quality and value of the teaching you'll receive during the session, this is a much smaller investment (in time and money) than attending an in-person workshop. Of course, we welcome feedback as we continue to experiment with our pricing structure.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the live workshop?

A: Although the live-streaming workshops are designed to be taken live, you'll also get access to the recording for viewing on your own schedule, no matter your timezone. However, if you join live you can interact with the instructors and ask questions.

Benefits of joining the workshop:

  • You get to hang out with Sketchbook Skool founders Koosje and Danny
  • You'll gain a new and deeper understanding of your tools
  • We’ll do tons of learning exercises together, step-by-step
  • You get to work on and finish a project you'll be proud of

Convinced yet? Sign up here before seats (only 250!) sell out.