Art by Vin Ganapathy

Art by Vin Ganapathy

This week, students in our Storytelling kourse meet their new teacher, Vin Ganapathy. Vin is an amazing illustrator, and he’s going to teach you a few tricks for approaching what is, even for many artists, a creative challenge–drawing portraits. Vin’s methods will make capturing people’s expressions and likenesses more accessible, and a lot more fun.

How did Vin get this good? Simple: Practice. As you’ll hear from Vin’s story, he wasn’t always an artist. When he finally discovered how happy drawing made him, he decided to do it consistently. Every morning, when Vin wakes up, he grabs his phone and does a sketch from a photo on the Sktchy app. By making these morning sketches a habit, doing them each day, Vin refined his portraiture skills. That’s something everyone can do, especially when you get started with the basics in our newest kourse A Drawing A Day, which starts on January 2.

You can get to know Vin a little better through his Sketchbook Skool Fakulty Sketch Interview. And we can’t wait to see your portraits after you take Vin’s Sketchbook Skool klass!

Vin Ganapathy is an Indian-born illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. He draws on multiple influences that inform his imagery and work. Mixing pen, pencil and paint, Vin’s illustrations are marked by fine, almost-frail line work and sudden bursts of color. Taking slice-of-life inspiration from the city around him, his drawings are kinetic and beautifully true-to-life. You can see more of his work at, and follow him on Instagram at @vinganapathy, on Twitter at @feelbettervin, and on Behance.

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