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Fakulty Sketch Interview: Nina Johansson


When you’re on vacation in a new place—or just being a tourist in your own town—skip the camera and try urban sketching. One look at the amazing drawings by Nina Johansson, this week’s teacher in our Urban Sketching kourse, will inspire you to give it a try!

Nina is known all over the world for her amazing on location drawings and her watercoloring skills. Her artwork shows why urban sketching and drawing scenes on location can be such an incredible way to remember a vacation. It can also turn a trip in your own neighborhood into a mini-vacation, as you look at the world around you the way an artist would.

This is what Nina is teaching this week in Urban Sketching. She’ll be sharing her watercolor techniques, how to know when a drawing is done, and how to look at the regular things around you and turn them into extraordinary pieces of artwork.

You can learn a little more about Nina from her Sketchbook Skool Fakulty Sketch Interview. To take Nina’s klass, check out Urban Sketching.

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