Happy Friday, Sketchbook Skolars! Today, students in our Beginning klass will start lessons with illustrator Roz Stendahl. You can see her amazing watercolors and animal art on her website, rozworks.com, and learn more about her on her blog, rozwoundup.typepad.com. And to introduce herself, Roz did this amazing Sketch Interview. Want to do your own Sketch Interview? It’s simple–just sketch and hand-write answers to these questions:

What’s the first thing you ever drew?

What’s the most recent thing you’ve drawn?

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

What are you wearing?

What’s your current favorite art tool?

Post your Sketch Interview online with the hashtag #sketchbookskool so we can see it. And if you’d like to join Roz in Beginning, just click here to enroll.

Roz Stendahl is a super-talented graphic designer and book artist. She binds her own sketchbooks and loads them with gouache, ink, watercolor, and colored pencil depictions of her daily life. Roz is also a bit of a nut with a great laugh and startling wit. An extraordinary teacher with an encyclopedic knowledge of every type of paper and medium, she has inspired thousands in her Minneapolis classes. Roz is a featured teacher in the Sketchbook Skool kourse Beginning.

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