Featured image is a collection of drawings by Jill Weber.

In case you missed it, Danny made this little teaser about one of our new Fakulty members, Jill Weber. Jill will be teaching at Sketchbook Skool in 2016 as part of our new kourse in January. But in addition to his travels to get to her farm in New Hampshire and some behind-the-scene looks at the filming of her klass, we also wanted to share some other info about Jill and her work.

Jill is an artist as well as a book designer and illustrator. Not only does she make fantastic drawings for books of all kinds, but she lives on a farm called Frajil Farms (which you see in Danny’s video) and also blogs about this magical place she shares with her husband and a slew of animals. You can read more about her adventures at Frajil Farms (whether it’s an illustration project or a new cake recipe!) here. You will also find tons of her work including book illustrations like the delightful one pictured below, for a book about Maple Syrup.

We’re getting so excited for our next kourse with Jill, Sabine, and some other Fakulty you will meet in the coming weeks! If you haven’t enrolled for Expressing, there’s still time–just click here.

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