Meet Lynne Chapman, one of the teachers in our upcoming kourse Exploring, in this SBS Fakulty Chat!

In this video, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene introduces Lynne—though of course she doesn’t need to. Sketchbook Skool students have been begging for Lynne to teach a klass for ages. And now, she’s finally teaching one in our new kourse, Exploring.

Lynne is famous all over the world for her Urban Sketching, and her latest book, Sketching People, is a kourse in itself in capturing the people who become part of a complete urban sketch. It’s also a great resource for learning to draw out of an urban sketching context, like when you’re waiting in a public place. People looking at their phones make great models!

Lynne’s klass is all about Urban Sketching and creating concertina-style sketchbooks, as well as learning to show the passage of time in sketches, and more. It’s a klass you won’t want to miss! It starts on Monday, April 17, and FYI: It’s a one-time only klass that won’t be repeated again. Click here for more info on Lynne and Exploring!

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