Art supplies: We love them! Some of us have a lot of them, and others are minimalists, using a favorite pen and sketchbook. Wherever you are on the art supplies spectrum, Koosje Koene, Sketchbook Skool’s co-founder, will tell you everything you need—and don’t need—for our upcoming kourse Imagining.

Aside from art tools, here are answers to some other questions you may have:

Do you need to have taken other Sketchbook Skool kourses to take Imagining? No, not at all. Each SBS kourse is designed so that anyone can join. We’ll have everyone from brand-new beginners to people who’ve taken every kourse. All are welcome!

What will we be learning in this kourse? How to draw from imagination, rather than just observation. You’ll never have “nothing to draw” again! How to break out of a creative rut. Daily challenges to sharpen your drawing skills and inspire you. How to turn your life into stories. How to amaze people, and yourself, by being able to turn a blank piece of paper into a great drawing. How to fit art into your busy life. How drawing makes life more interesting and brings a sense of joy and wonder into your days. Drawing in pen and ink, watercolor, and any medium you want. And more!

Where do I enroll? Right here, on the kourse page for Imagining!

You can turn a plain piece of paper into a work of art when you know how to use your imagination. Art: Koosje Koene

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