Our new kourse Exploring just launched today. Here’s why you need to be part of this amazing kourse.

The teachers. Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory is teaching right now, kicking off this first week with a great discussion on why and how we’re creative, and ways to get past creative blocks that can be applied to almost any hurdle in your life. He’ll also teach the next level of lessons he introduced in How to Draw Without Talent. Also teaching this kourse are Urban Sketching superstars Nina Johansson and Lynne Chapman, the amazing Felix Scheinberger, and rock star street artist and muralist Brian Butler. You can watch Danny interviewing Brian about how he fills a sketchbook a month with creative, imaginative art, and how he can teach you to do the same, in the SBS Fakulty Chat above; just click the image to play.

The lessons. Watercoloring. Urban Sketching. Composition. Looser lines. Shading, and creating the illusion of color with just a black pen. Hatching! Color mixing! And developing your own style… The list of things you really want to know to make good art goes on.

The community. Exploring is a community kourse, meaning you can do this with other people just like you from all over the world. Make some new friends, get applause for your artwork, support and encourage each other. It’s fun, and it’s an important part of developing as a sketchbook artist.

The timing. You know how you keep promising yourself you’ll learn to draw, or pick up a pen or brush again, some day? Well, this kourse is live, and you can dive right in, right now. “Some day” is today.

The other part about the timing. An important note about Exploring: It’s only being offered once. This kourse will not be repeated again this year. You can still sign up, still join us, still get all the benefits and have all the fun. But please, don’t wait too much longer. This kourse just won’t be as much fun without you. To enroll in Exploring and start drawing and having fun, click here.

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