A Drawing A Day: Six Amazing Months!


Back in January, we started the Sketchbook Skool A Drawing A Day Challenge — a challenge to ourselves, and to anyone who wanted to join us, to see if we could create a drawing a day. We figured it would last for a month. We were wrong.

We’re about to go into our sixth month of drawing every day.

We kicked off this great habit in January when we got started with our A Drawing A Day kourse. This four-week workshop showed us how easy it is to be creative every single day. After that, there was no stopping us! (A Drawing A Day is on demand; you can start taking it right now.)

Now there’s a dedicated group of Sketchbook Skolars on the Facebook A Drawing A Day page who can’t go through a day without drawing something. And because we occasionally lose our inspiration (along with our favorite pen), we made up inspiration prompts. Like this one, for June.

We’re halfway through the year! And we just want to keep going. If you’ve missed a day, a month, or more, no worries; just join in any time. Like now, with a fresh month of prompts just waiting to inspire you. Be inspired by others, too: Just look for the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels. Happy sixth month anniversary, A Drawing A Day!

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