draw tip tuesday roundup

Draw Tip Tuesday Roundup: September 2020


Helpful drawing tips in just a few minutes with Koosje Koene.

Improve your skills and break out those art supplies, join us to learn drawing tips and techniques every week. Draw Tip Tuesdays are short introductions to a style, practice, or tool. From Urban Sketching to Drawing People, India Ink to Watercolors — fill your sketchbook and get creative. New videos added every Tuesday.

Draw Tip Tuesday Video Roundup

September 29: All About Gouache

In this video, we’re highlighting gouache and what it makes the medium so unique.

September 22: The First Page

Starting a new sketchbook is usually exciting, but sometimes it can be a bit intimidating as you begin to figure out what those pages should be filled with!

September 15: How to Draw Circles in Perspective

A bit of theory can be helpful when drawing whether it’s from observation or imagination. Whenever you’re not sure what to draw, it’s best to draw whatever is in your sight, even when it’s a mundane thing, like your coffee mug!

September 8: How to Draw Perspective

We’ve been messing with perspective the past few weeks and reminding everyone to just have fun in your sketchbook. In this week’s #DrawTipTuesday, we’ll talk a little more about the vanishing point, the horizon line, and how it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

September 1: Forget Perspective Part II

A couple of weeks ago I did a video about perspective, and to forget about it. Being playful rather than worrying about capturing perspective perfectly. And while finishing the drawing I did then, I felt like I could have taken it a bit further. And that feeling started bugging me. So today I am diving back into that playfulness, ignoring perspective, and just having some fun.

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