draw tip tuesday roundup

Draw Tip Tuesday Roundup: July 2020


Helpful drawing tips in just a few minutes with Koosje Koene.

Improve your skills and break out those art supplies, join us to learn drawing tips and techniques every week. Draw Tip Tuesdays are short introductions to a style, practice, or tool. From Urban Sketching to Drawing People, India Ink to Watercolors — fill your sketchbook and get creative. New videos added every Tuesday.

Draw Tip Tuesday Video Roundup

July 28: Draw Your Outfit

You can find inspiration for your drawing in your own wardrobe. You can use simple line drawings with a bit of color to document the clothes you’re wearing, which can say a lot about you!

July 21: Easy Character Creation

This week, start with splashes of color and then add details to bring them to life as unique and charming characters.

July 14: Paint First, Draw Later

Oftentimes, we start a drawing with line. This week, let’s begin a drawing first with loose shape and color, and then bring the details into focus!

July 7: Plants and Trees

When capturing lush green scenes including lots of plants and trees, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of every leaf. Here, Koosje explains how to use colored pencils, watercolor, and mark making to emphasize greenery without getting lost in the trees!

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