draw tip tuesday roundup

Draw Tip Tuesday Roundup: August 2020


Helpful drawing tips in just a few minutes with Koosje Koene.

Improve your skills and break out those art supplies, join us to learn drawing tips and techniques every week. Draw Tip Tuesdays are short introductions to a style, practice, or tool. From Urban Sketching to Drawing People, India Ink to Watercolors — fill your sketchbook and get creative. New videos added every Tuesday.

Draw Tip Tuesday Video Roundup

August 25: Beauty in the Mundane

In the Sketchbook Skool community, people express often they would love to have more of a regular drawing habit. But one of the problems they point out, is that when they do have time, or make time to draw, they don’t know WHAT to draw.
My motto is that everything is interesting when you draw it. Today, I am showing you one of my most precious sketchbooks from a few years ago, that hopefully can inspire you when you are stuck at home and you feel like there’s nothing to draw.

August 18: Forget Perspective

Even when playing around, capturing perspective can be tricky.
So today, let’s do another still life like last week, and play some more.
Today we are going to ignore perspective and prove to ourselves that a drawing doesn’t have to have the right perspective to make perfect sense.

August 11: Crayons!

Remember Crayons? THE go-to art medium for making art, for kids! Whoever decided they are just for kids? Koosje recently rediscovered how much fun they are to work with. Let’s make some colorful art together.

August 4: Back to Basics

There is no such thing as a perfect drawing and there’s definitely no such thing as a magic art tool! This #DrawTipTuesday, get out of your head, stop worrying about collecting the right art supplies, and get back to basics with pen and paper.

2 mins

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