draw tip tuesday roundup

Draw Tip Tuesday Roundup: April 2020


Helpful drawing tips in just a few minutes with Koosje Koene.

Improve your skills and break out those art supplies, join us to learn drawing tips and techniques every week. Draw Tip Tuesdays are short introductions to a style, practice, or tool. From Urban Sketching to Drawing People, India Ink to Watercolors — fill your sketchbook and get creative. New videos added every Tuesday.

Draw Tip Tuesday Video Roundup

April 28, 2020: How to Organize Your Sketchbooks

Lately, in the Sketchbook Skool community, people have been inspiring each other with ideas about how to organize your sketchbooks. Here are some tips from the artists in our community!


April 21, 2020: Fold and Fill Your Own Mini Sketchbook

Let’s do a mini project. Something you can do in an about 30 minutes or even less? You can do it outside of your sketchbook, a fun side project. No pressure to make anything beautiful. Let’s keep it small. Tiny even. Let’s make a mini sketchbook and fill it right away!


April 14, 2020: Fountain Pens and Water-soluble Ink 

Add shadow, depth, and painting effects to your line drawings by combining fountain pen and water-soluble ink with a little water. Create a totally different look with just two tools and your sketchbook.

April 6, 2020: How to Use Brush Markers

Get comfortable with a new art tool. Use brush markers to create a huge variation of lines to your sketchbook – both thick and thin. Koosje uses grey brush markers to add shadow to her work. They dry fast so you can work quickly, don’t bleed, and are easy to layer. Do a lot with just one marker!

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