We’re almost ready for the start of our new kourse Let’s Make A Map on June 12! To warm up for this amazing map-making kourse, today’s Draw Tip Tuesday has a great practice exercise—making a floor plan.

As Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene explains in the video, a floor plan is an interior map of any space you’d like, whether real, like where you make art, or imagined, like your idea of a dream living room. And it’s so easy because there’s no perspective to think about. It’s just pure fun.

Let’s Make A Map starts next Monday. In this special workshop, you’ll learn the beautiful art form of map-making, dozens of different types of maps you can make, and more—all in just one week and for only $29! Ready to go on a creative adventure? Join us for Let’s Make A Map!

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