What is India ink, and how do you use it? That’s what you’ll learn in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

In this video. Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene shows you all the different ways you can use India ink–with various types of pens, including a bamboo stick, and the one type of pen you definitely shouldn’t use it with! She also shows you one of the coolest things about India ink: It’s water-soluble, and yet it’s waterproof. You’ll see how in the video.

This Draw Tip Tuesday subject was a special request from Andrea Joseph, who teaches Sketchbook Skool’s Creative Lettering workshop (it’s on demand, so you can dive right in any time; click here for more). If you have a special request for a Draw Tip Tuesday, let us know! Leave it in the comments or email Suzan@sketchbookskool.com.

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