This week’s Draw Tip Tuesday is very different—you get to see more of Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene than just her hands! And in this week’s video, Koosje continues the Sketchbook Skool community discussion of keeping an art habit alive and growing.

Not long ago, a Sketchbook Skool student talked about starting a themed sketchbook—and then losing the inspiration to continue. She got a ton of great tips from the SBS community. And in this Draw Tip Tuesday, Koosje takes you on tours of two of her themed sketchbooks while giving you her tips on how she kept her enthusiasm for the themes going.

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Art from one of Koosje’s themed sketchbooks. Art: Koosje Koene

Another fun idea for a themed sketchbook, and one that will definitely have you drawing every day: Sketch what you eat! Art: Koosje Koene

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