What is a flat wash? That’s exactly what Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene will demonstrate in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

Watercolor is one of the most versatile of art media. With even the most inexpensive child’s set of paints, you can create all different kinds of effects—highlights, intense backgrounds, fades, pure colors and shading, and this flat wash.

Koosje teaches you these Draw Tips every Tuesday, and she’s also the teacher in our on-demand kourse Draw It Like It’s Hot. This is an amazing 4-week kourse in food illustration, where you learn how to draw food and create illustrated recipes. And there’s a lot of watercolor instruction in that kourse!

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Can’t take the klasses right now? No problem; once you enroll, these online videos are yours forever to watch whenever you want. But the discount is just for this week, so enroll now to get a delicious discount on Draw It Like It’s Hot!

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