Draw Tip Tuesday: Hatching How-To


Today’s Draw Tip Tuesday takes you back to basics with a how-to on hatching (also known as crosshatching). You may not notice hatch marks as you look at a drawing, but they’re one of those subtle pro tricks that elevates your sketches by giving them depth through shading. Our own subtle pro Koosje Koene takes you through the different types of hatches and the easy ways to make them in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

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Koosje Koene is the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, the creator of Draw Tip Tuesday, and a featured teacher in many of our klasses. Koosje, an artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a big fan of coffee, cooking, and making art. She found a way to combine all three in her food and recipe illustration kourse Draw It Like It’s Hot. Here’s one of Koosje’s recipes from the kourse.

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