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Doodling Improves Learning And Creativity


One of our favorite things about sketching is how Zen we get. The noise of the world–both outside and in our minds–quiets down as we zone in on the subject of our drawing, even if it’s a sketch from imagination. We go from the exhaustion of divided attention to the peace of focus.

Doodling Isn’t a Waste of Time, It’s a Way to Boost Your Focus

That’s not just in our heads, either. According to this article from The New York Times, drawing, sketching, and doodling can increase focus and boost comprehension. Drawing has been proven to be a helpful tool for teaching children and adults with attention deficit disorder to concentrate on one thing. And what a fun way to focus!

If you’d like to experience the benefit of improved focus, or just have more fun, check out our latest term of classes. They’re for people just like you who may never have taken an art class before but would love to be more creative. Start today, do it with your kids, and focus on the fun.

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