Happy first day of klass, Sketchbook Skolars! Sketchbook Skool’s community klass, Polishing, begins today. A community klass is one we all do together as a group, and the first one is Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory’s klass on telling your life story—as a graphic novel. Here’s a sneak preview of this innovative klass.

Graphic novels are the next step for a sketch artist, or a storyteller of any kind; they’re a map of our lives. Sometimes they’re a short trip into the past or the present, or a long journey back along family bloodlines. Graphic novels can be whatever you want them to be. They tell your stories.

If you’ve begun developing a creative habit by sketching, take your drawings on a detour that will help your creativity grow. As you’ll see from Danny’s video, you don’t have to be Batman or Superman or even have a big event to write about. You can put your life, your day, your moments, into a sequence of drawings that tell your story. We think that’s a story worth creating.

Tell us your story. Here’s how.

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