danny gregory morning routine

Danny Gregory’s Morning Routine


My Morning Routine is an online magazine that describes the early day activities of people all over the world–including Sketchbook Skool’s own Danny Gregory. Just what does the co-founder of an online art school (excuse us, skool), author, and artist do in the morning?

One thing will stand out: Danny has a consistent early morning drawing habit. This isn’t too surprising, given that he wrote Art Before Breakfast and Art Before Breakfast: The Workbook. (Though he does admit in his My Morning Routine interview that he has breakfast while making art. At Sketchbook Skool, it’s okay to eat the model.)

This early morning routine is one of the best ways we know of to not only develop a creative habit but to stick with it. You only get better at something with practice, and “I’ll do it later” can end up meaning never.

Simple sketch assignment: Tomorrow morning, try drawing your toast or your cup of tea or coffee. (You could even start today, with a cup of something at lunchtime.) Then try it again. Try it for a week, and watch the improvement. You may see your own morning routine getting a little brighter.

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