This past summer, Dale Chihuly’s glass and resin sculptures were on display at the New York Botanical Garden. These spiky, curly, swoony sculptures sprouted up like otherworldly creatures coming for the 845,000-plus people who came to see them.

What was most interesting was that a vast majority of those people who came in-person to see the art ended up viewing it through their phones as they snapped photos and selfies.

Sure, people want to capture the moment—ironically, the moment they’re missing by taking a picture of it. Even more mystifying is the art-selfie: “Here’s me in front of the sculpture!”

I want to capture the moment too, and one of the great things about keeping a sketchbook is learning how not just to look, but to see. When I go to an exhibit, I draw some of the art because it helps me see more deeply; by really looking while trying to draw the art, I notice more details, and the whole piece. I get to experience the art, instead of experiencing my phone. And if I can’t see the art because of all the people taking pictures with their phones, I just draw them.

Suzan, SBS Dean of Content

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