Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory kicked off our new kourse Exploring this week with a great lesson on why we’re creative, all the different types of things that stop us, and what we can do to get past those obstacles.

He also talked about shading—creating a sense of light and dark and even color, just using a black pen, with different types of marks. One of our favorites is crosshatching, or as we at Sketchbook Skool like to say, krosshatching.

Danny would agree that his good friend Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Tommy Kane is the King of Krosshatching. In this great demonstration video, Tommy shows you his hatching skills.

Now that you’ve seen Tommy’s method, go grab some fruit and give it a try.

To learn more about hatching, shading, and how to keep being creative, check out Exploring. Enrollment is still open—join us!

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