Creative Permission from Prashant

Yes You May: Creative Permission from Prashant


Remember when you were a kid and you loved to draw? You could doodle happily for hours, copy comic books, even make up your own characters. You could draw and color and paint and create anything you wanted.

Then an adult (well-meaning or not so nice) said something. “That’s not what a person looks like.” “Those lines aren’t straight.” “You can’t be an artist—you won’t make any money.” “Making art is a waste of time.” And variations on that theme.

Words like those do worse than cramp your style; they can keep you from ever making art again. But we have some great news for you:

They were wrong.

The way you drew that person was fine — great, even. Lines don’t have to be straight; were Picasso’s? You don’t have to be an artist for a living. And making art is one of the best ways to spend time there is. In fact, pick a reason not to make art, and we’ll give you a whole month of reasons why you should. Because May is Yes You May month at Sketchbook Skool.

Need some permission to be creative? Let Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Prashant Miranda give you some in this video he made just for you. Click the image to watch.

Then, start being creative any way you want. Yes You May:

  • Draw on a card and send it to someone.
  • Go get a box of crayons and scribble. Doodle. Go wild!
  • Take art lessons—and you don’t have to wait for “some day.” Today, right now, you can dive into our on-demand kourses AHow to Draw Without Talent, four weeks of daily lessons that will turn you into an artist. Or how about Creative Lettering, our monthlong workshop that will show you how to create beautiful hand-lettered quotes. Or Draw It Like It’s Hot, a deliciously fun illustrated recipe kourse. The choice is yours!

Your kid instincts were right: We’re all born artists, and we should make art for the rest of our happy lives. And this is the month to start making art again. Want to play? Yes You May.

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