creating watercolor creatures

Draw Tip Tuesday: Create Watercolor Creatures!


We all want our drawings to be perfect. Even when we’re drawing just for fun, there’s this hopeful feeling about the way it will turn out that can actually make drawing kind of un-fun. How can you free yourself from the idea of a “perfect” drawing? With fun exercises like the one Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene shows you in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

Today, you’ll do something that’s all fun, no perfection: creating watercolor creatures. Koosje will show you how in the video. You don’t need any fancy materials (though your fancy art supplies will be happy to play). All you really need is your imagination. It’s a great exercise that bridges what students are currently learning in Ohn Mar Win‘s klass and what they’ll be learning next week with Stefan Bucher.

How to Make Watercolor Creatures

These watercolor creatures are fun, but they can serve other purposes too. They’re a great rainy-day activity to do with kids. If you need inspiration, making a few of these will kickstart your imagination. They’d make fun party invitations, or other kinds of greeting cards—especially if you have something to say that isn’t covered by a typical store-bought card.

So get out your watercolors and pens and let some cute creatures chase away perfectionism!

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