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Course Recap: Students Reflect on “Be an iPad Artist”


Students are making their way through Be an iPad Artist and whether they’re just getting started, or sharing their final homework assignments, we are blown away by the art that they are creating!

From working with layers and masks, to adding all sorts of textures and even animating their drawings, students explored the ins and outs under the hood in Procreate. Some students approached the course as absolute newbies, and others took the plunge to brush up on their existing digital drawing skills.

Student Janice Price referred to Be an iPad Artist as “the best iPad class I have ever experienced…Each of the videos was the perfect length to present a new idea and then let the students ‘think it through’ before moving on to the next one.”

This course opened up lots of doors for students, both in the digital and analog realms of art making. It’s not too late to see what Be an iPad Artist can do for you and the pages of your sketchbook!

Students featured in the class homework collection above are:
Barbel Giebat, Judy Shifman, Mari Perseo, Pauline Van Eilje, Katherine Thomson, Brenda MacDonald, Emma Cavill, Lesley Bergen, Marion Adams, Myrna Wacknov, Judy Boyle, Anna Nordvall, Barbara Politano, Carol DuVernois, Chris Ramsey, Karen Propp, Margaret Stephenson

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