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Continuous Line Drawing: Urban Sketching


In this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene continues her series on continuous line with an Urban Sketching exercise.

In the past few Draw Tip Tuesday videos, we’ve done continuous line drawings of objects, legs and feet, and even a room full of furniture. Now you’re ready for the big time — an entire building, drawn in one continuous line!

Creating Continuous Line Drawing

Just so you know: By using continuous line, your drawing is going to look wonky. It’s supposed to, and it adds character and charm to your sketch. If you don’t love the results the first time, keep at it. Use the idea of continuous line as a metaphor for your creativity, making new drawings and never giving up.

Drawing the things around you—houses, buildings, shops, the people in coffee bars and restaurants, even shopping malls and anywhere else you can think of—gives you endless inspiration for drawing. For lessons on how to sketch on location, drawing life as it happens, check out our kourse!


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