Student Stories: Combining Your Passions

Student Stories: Combining your passions


Summer is a great time for trying something new, learning something new, and pushing your limits. If you want to step outside of your comfort zone, try combining something else you’re passionate about with your art.

Are you passionate about your upcoming summer vacation? Make sure you bring your sketchbook! We love on-location urban sketching and capturing moments as they’re happening, but you’re allowed to return to a quick sketch and fill in the details of a scene after your trip is over. Your klassmate Nellie Brannen finds that going back to her travel journals and adding elements she remembers allows her to enjoy her vacation all over again.

Eve Miller is spending her summer turning old books into new works of art with mixed media collage. You can find cheap, unloved books in all the garage sales, street fairs and flea markets that pop up in the summer.

Student Owen Swain just unveiled a project that unites two of his major loves: art and cycling. Swain worked with the city of WIndsor, Ontario to develop an illustrated map that highlights scenic bike trips. The final product featured images of his favorite spots and suggested bike routes to explore the city.

We know you love sketching, but what else gives you that inspirational spark? Try blending your passions together for this year’s summer project.

— Morgan Green

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