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Creative Habits: Tips for Cleaning and Storing Art Supplies


Some spring cleaning tasks are more fun than others. Instead of scrubbing your toilet, take some time to dive deep into your art supplies! Whether they’re organized in drawers and storage bins, or scattered around the house, chances are there are some tools you haven’t touched in a while.

Give yourself a challenge with these extra supplies. Create something with a medium you haven’t used all year — or challenge yourself to put those tools to better use in someone else’s hands.

Some of our students donate supplies to local after-school art clubs or community groups that facilitate art projects. Your community might also have day programs or art studio programs that serve individuals with disabilities that are eager for community donations. Do some research on your local community, and see where your supplies might find new life. You can do a google search for where to donate art supplies in your area, or make some phone calls to local community centers, shelters, and hospitals to ask about donating materials to their art programs.
— Morgan Green

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