Cathy Johnson's Perfect Watercolor Palettes

Studio Visit: Cathy Johnson’s Perfect Watercolor Palettes


Warning: Learning to use watercolors can be habit-forming, and possibly addictive, as some of our students have discovered. Even teachers aren’t immune–just ask Cathy Johnson.

After collecting enough trays of watercolors to merit an episode of Art Supply Hoarders, Cathy had a great idea: She started making her own customized watercolor palettes. Some are in certain tones and hues, some have different textures, and others are great for travel.

Watch this special Studio Visit video Cathy made for Sketchbook Skool on assembling your own perfect do-it-yourself watercolor palette. And whether you’re a longtime watercolor artist or you’d like to learn to watercolor, you’ll love Cathy’s Sketchbook Skool klass in our upcoming kourse Seeing. Klass starts this Friday–sign up today!

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