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Fill your empty sketchbook with the contents of your cupboards

5 Tips to Fill an Empty Sketchbook

Filling an empty sketchbook with all new drawings doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn 5 tips to fill a new sketchbook page by page and remember that the drawing you make will always be better than the drawing you didn’t make at all.  Buying a brand new sketchbook can feel so exciting. A new beginning! […]

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What is gouache and how does it work?

Gouache painting by August WrenIn preparation for our live gouache workshop on April 4, Koosje shares her knowledge on the medium, how to use it, and why artists love it.What is gouache?Gouache (pronounced goo-ash) is a French word that originates from the Italian “guazzo,” which literally means “water color.”It is a type of watercolor paint, […]

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How To Pick Your Next Course:

Tips for making the most of our big 40% off sale Having a hard time figuring out which course to take? There are so many great Sketchbook Skool courses to choose from. Here’s a guide to help to make it easier to take full advantage of our biggest sale ever and stock up. And remember, […]

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