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mixed media journaling instructors

Meet the Instructors of Mixed Media Journaling

We are so excited to present these four new amazing instructors in our latest course, Mixed Media Journaling. Read a little more about them below and check out their websites to get to know their art… Mary Beth Shaw swore off Art Journaling for many years until 2013 when she suddenly had little time to […]

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Prashant Miranda nature sketch

Interview: Prashant Miranda Reflects on Settling Down in Nature

JJ Gregory talked with Prashant in Pasadena, CA on the final day of SketchKon. After years of being a travelling artist, Prash is set to settle down in the Pacific Northwest. They began by talking about the community experience of SketchKon…. Q:You have so many friends and you’ve built communities in a lot of different […]

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Salli Swindell sketch work

Interview: Salli Swindell wants to teach you tricks to make Halloween card treats

Q: You’re an award winning greeting card designer who has designed thousands of cards. Clearly you love mail! In a world where technology increasingly rules our lives, what can the simple act of sharing a greeting card make one feel? A: Nowadays when you receive a REAL card in the mail it’s like a present. […]

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Miguel Herranz sketch work

Fakulty Update: Check Out Miguel Herranz’s Portfolio

We love seeing what Sketchbook Skool fakulty members are up to when they’re not teaching klasses. You get to see some of their work in our kourses through their Sketchbook Tours, but there’s so much more to their creativity. Most of our teachers are professionals working in all kinds of different areas—storyboarding for film and […]

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Nina Johansson portrait

Fakulty Sketch Interview: Nina Johansson

When you’re on vacation in a new place—or just being a tourist in your own town—skip the camera and try urban sketching. One look at the amazing drawings by Nina Johansson, this week’s teacher in our Urban Sketching kourse, will inspire you to give it a try! Nina is known all over the world for […]

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war up exercise sketch

Fakulty Chat: Warm Up Exercises from Lapin

Featured art by Lapin Welcome to a new week of klasses in our Urban Sketching kourse! This week’s teacher is Lapin, an illustrator famous for his fish eye-lens views of cars and people. To get you warmed up for the klass, we have some exercises from Lapin for you. Back when Lapin was teaching a […]

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Miguel Herranz

Fakulty Chat: Miguel Herranz on Urban Sketching

Our Urban Sketching kourse is starting soon (woo hoo!), so Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene reached out to Miguel Herranz, one of the kourse instructors, so you can hear more about the kourse and the amazing global creative movement of Urban Sketching. Miguel is a prolific Urban Sketcher. He loves going out into the streets […]

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urban sketching

Fakulty Chat: What is Urban Sketching?

You’ve been hearing a lot about Urban Sketching lately. But just what is it, exactly? In this Fakulty Chat video, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory talked to Urban Sketcher Jason Das to find out. In the video, Danny mentions that Jason is one of the teachers in the SBS kourse Stretching. Though that kourse isn’t […]

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how to stretch your creative skills

How to Stretch Your Creative Skills: An Interview with Miguel Herranz

Welcome to a new week of klasses in our current community kourse, Urban Sketching! This week’s teacher is Miguel Herranz, who will teach you a cool technique for doing the kind of in-depth, richly detailed drawings he’s known for all over the world. Back when Miguel was teaching in our Stretching kourse, Sketchbook Skool co-founder […]

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Felix Scheinberger watercolor sketch

Fakulty Interview: Felix Scheinberger

Students in our kourse are currently having an amazing time. We know this because their teacher this week is Felix Scheinberger, the art professor who gave this now-famous 3-minute tutorial on professional watercolor techniques. Here, Felix talks about the romance of watercolors, how bad he is at math, and his new book, Dare to Sketch. […]

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