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Art for All: Call Yourself An Artist


Did you know we had a podcast?!

In episode 06 of our weekly Sketchbook Skool podcast, art for all, Danny explores the problem of coming out of the art supply closet to let the world know that you call yourself an “artist.” It’s a big step for a lot of us and Danny admits he’s not super-comfortable with the label himself.

In this episode, he talks at length to two smart women he admires: dancer and Zine editor Amanda Rentschler, and his mother, Dr. Hazel Kahan. They have surprisingly different takes on the subject and the discussion helps focus Danny’s perspective. It may help you do the same. If you haven’t subscribed to art for all yet, you can find out more here.

Many folks in our community wrestle with this problem. One student, Anne Sinarski, explained that she didn’t feel like an artist because of all the things she hasn’t done yet: “ I haven’t had an art show, or taught art ,or written a book, or sold my work…” But she went on to say, “I have also found that the people who teach me about art are not only professional adults but also young children, like my grandchildren whose ages are from 4 to 9. They show up at my front door with all their art supplies and are ready to go. They have taught me a lot about discipline and letting go of perfect art. Everything they do is a new and fresh idea.”

We love that.

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