February 2 10:00am CST: Krazines Art Jam- Get together with other zine fans and create your own original art at the Re:Vision Gallery in Kenosha, WI.

February 2 at 10am PST: Northern Cali SBS Meet and Sketch- Join Sketchbook buddies in Northern California for some sketching at Journey Coffee Co.

February 2 at 12pm EST: USk New York presents a Portrait Party- Gather with the NYC Urban Sketchers for the sixth annual Portrait Party which features a nonstop drawing marathon of sorts.

February 5 at 10:30am EST: Princeton Sketchers- Join Andrea Rubinstein and the Princeton Sketchers for their bi-monthly sketch meetup at the Princeton Public Library in New Jersey.

February 5 at 11:30am PST: SBS Draw & Eat in Pasadena- Some Sketchbook Skool pals are returning to Pasadena for a sunny lunch sketch outing! Join Ginger DeValue at the Crack Shack in Pasadena, CA.

February 8 at 11am EST: Sketchbook Skool Student Bulletin - Join Morgan for a Facebook live broadcast featuring a weekly review of what is going on in our community. Link forthcoming.

February 9 at 10am EST: Boston North SBS Meetup- Join Marisa Greenfield for the first SBS meetup in the Boston area at the Peabody Essex Museum.

February 14: Valentines Day! Draw some flowers or a sweet treat for your loved one; it will last longer!

February 16 at 1pm MST: Idaho Falls Sketchout- Join Kate Robertson for a sketchout starting at City Bagel in Idaho Falls.

February 24 at 1:30pm pst: Gold Coast SBS Meetup- Join Elizabeth Flanagan and Suzanne Gibbs for another meetup starting at Rachel’s Coffee House in Gold Beach, Oregon.

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