Cover art and greeting card demo video by Salli Swindell | IG: @sallistyle | Website

Written by Morgan Green

If there’s one thing we love, it’s making our own greeting cards to celebrate fun and special occasions year-round!

For this Halloween and Fall season, I wanted to make a card for a friend who is obsessed with this time of year. Artist and illustrator Salli Swindell is a card-making maven and one of our amazing instructors here at Sketchbook Skool.

I revisited this little DIY Halloween card tutorial Salli made for Sketchbook Skool during her course, Let’s Make Greeting Cards for some Harvest time inspiration! I also wrote to Salli to see some more awesome cards and artwork she made around this theme.

Recent greeting cards, artwork, and demo video by Salli Swindell | IG: @sallistyle | Website

Salli shared all sorts of newer greeting cards she has made for Halloween and even a recent illustration to celebrate Autumn that she created in Be an iPad Artist. I really loved her digital drawing celebrating Autumn and decided to make something a little spooky but also celebratory of the season devoted to squashes and pumpkins! My favorite medium is collage so I collected some scraps of paper and made a little postcard out of cardboard depicting a little Harvest moon scene.

I loved Salli’s little pumpkins and included a few of my own in my spooky harvest night time scene.

Whether you’re working on an iPad, with collage, or using other mediums in your sketchbook, Halloween is the perfect time to create something fun!

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