Having a hard time figuring out which course to take? There are so many great Sketchbook Skool courses to choose from. Here’s a guide to help making it easier to take full advantage of our biggest sale ever and stock up.

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Little or no drawing experience:

How to Draw Without Talent: Can’t even draw a straight line? No problem Learn the basics in this fun, fast course. Our most popular.

Mixed Media Journaling: Want to play with art materials and just explore? No drawing required.

Beginning: If you’re just starting out and want a bunch of creative experiences to build confidence and have fun. The course that started it all.

Seeing:If you’re just starting and want to learn to draw portraits and animals and buildings and build your confidence,

A Zillion Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook: Packed with ideas to make drawing into a life-changing habit.

Art supply smorgasbord; Put all your art supplies to use and have fun.

A Drawing a Day: Develop your habit with this month-long bootcamp,

How Art Can Make you Happy: Discover how to understand and talk about art and learn what you like.

Creative Lettering: Calligraphy for the rest of us, Learn a new technique and tip every day. Even if your handwriting is a disaster!

Playing: Let’s just have fun making stuff with this series of short creative exercises. For kids of all ages.

How to use different media:

Watercolor Rules and how to break them: Learn all of the essentials of this beautiful medium, then see how to push the boundaries in your own work.

Colored Pencils: Learn dozens of techniques to use this flexible medium

Be an iPad Artist Even if you’re technophobic, this course will show you how to make digital art that’s fun and easy.

I want to develop my imagination:

The whimsical sketchbook: Draw cute and captivating illustrations in different media.

Imagining: Loosen up and express yourself and deepen your creativity.

Fun and Funny: Comics, cartoons, and creative sketching ideas.

Find Your Style: Explore your unique way of making art with four very different artists,

New ways to use drawing:

That Looks Really Real: Get into representational drawing and polish your skills.

Storytelling: Learn how to use your sketchbook as a journal of my life and capture the stories around you.

Urban Sketching:Learn to draw buildings and landscapes with ink, pencil and watercolors.

People Drawing People: The masterclass for everyone. Portraits, motion, and so much more. Great for all levels.

Draw What You Eat: Koosje will show you how to make illustrated recipes and a gorgeous food diary,

Illustration Nation: How do professional illustrators work? Want to make your own books and products? Learn it all.

Let’s Make a Map: Make map of your town, your neighborhood your wedding location. Fund and imaginative.

Let’s Make Greeting Cards: Tips, tricks and inspiration to design beautiful cards.

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