Last year, Debra Rigney-Hays, a student at Sketchbook Skool, was inspired by a homework assignment in our kourse, Storytelling. Little did she know where it would lead! Jean-Christophe Defline asked students to try drawing characters in an accordion-style foldout sketchbook. Debra was so intrigued, she turned the assignment into a full-blown personal project and eventually filled several sketchbooks with interesting characters.

Debra found inspiration all around her — on outings with friends and family, in her favorite films, TV shows, and magazines. She developed a fun and whimsical style to practice drawing people and wound up with hundreds of pages worth of faces and figures.

Our fakulty inspire students to take the styles and approaches that interest them and run at them, full-speed. We love seeing what students come up with as a result of the lessons learned in klass. For Debra and many others, one assignment can be a matchstick that sparks an even bigger idea or passion.

If you’d like to try Jean-Christophe’s assignment, check out Storytelling on our website. We just made it available on-demand so you can work at your own pace. And with lifetime access, you can keep working on the assignment for years too!

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