Art by Eve Miller

Sketchbooking can be an art form, one that can help artists evolve beyond the medium of pen and paper. We’re constantly seeing new forms of expression from students who have been willing to take new creative risks thanks Sketchbook Skool, whether it’s quilting, cooking, or creating with a tool they’ve never used before.

We’d like to spotlight a few really cool things our students have been making lately.

Eve Miller (art shown above) found a passion for printmaking and documented her exploration of these materials through reproducing drawings from homework assignments as relief prints.

Linda Kelly (art shown below) began creating 3D objects after taking some kourses at Sketchbook Skool. She mustered the courage to take an in-person workshop on textiles and found-objects in her hometown — something she never would have even considered before studying at Skool. Linda began to develop her landscape drawings and sketches into a tactile and ephemeral quilt.

Eve and Linda show us what is possible once you take that first courageous step in your creative journey. One drawing can easily turn into a sketchbook full of art, which in turn can inspire so many more projects and ideas. We can’t wait to see where your drawings take you!

Morgan Green, Dean of Students at Sketchbook Skool

Art by Linda Kelly

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