Sketchbook Skool is even more fun when you share the experience. Why not invite a friend (or a few!) to join you?

Our next kourse, Storytelling starts on June 5th, and it’s a great way to turn your art into stories about your life, your vacations, your memories, and imagination. We will draw and nurture our creativity together and we hope you and some friends can join us.

Help us spread the word! To celebrate Storytelling starting next week, we are hosting a new raffle through a Rafflecopter giveaway. By entering and referring your friends in the raffle, you’ll have the chance to win a gift basket of art and books made by our fakulty. One more reason to join Sketchbook Skool!

What Sketchbook Skool Students Say:

“Sketchbook Skool got me past my fear and timidity of sketching in public. That was possibly the most valuable art lesson I’ve ever had. It also got me routinely sketching in ink without a pencil safety net underneath, and that too was a big step for me.” ~Ted “I have been inspired beyond words and my art has improved because Sketchbook Skool has provided a path with check points and support along the way.” ~Diana

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is an explanation on how to enter: For each action you take in the raffle you’ll receive an entry to win a gift basket. You can do one action, or all six. The more you do, the greater your chance to win! Here’s how:

    • 1 Entry: Follow Sketchbook Skool on Instagram.
    • 1 Entry: Pin our image on Pinterest.
    • 1 Entry: Follow us on Google+
    • 2 Entries: Tweet about this giveaway.
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    • 5 Entries: Share on your blog, website or on Facebook!

To view the Raffle widget and participate, join the raffle in the widget above!

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