benefits of creating art

The Benefits of Creating Art


We’re big believers in making art. Even doing a little sketch or doodle every day is an expression of creativity. But does it matter? Does making art mean something more than just having fun?

What Does Making Art Do for You, Exactly?

These questions come up when your inner critic, the monkey, starts getting afraid on your behalf. The monkey’s job is to keep you out of trouble, but it has a really disjointed sense of what constitutes “trouble.” That should mean getting out of the way of oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the monkey also puts taking risks, like starting art projects, in that same arena of danger.

That’s why we love what Erika Lee Sears is doing–making art, every day, no matter what. As she explains in this story from, her only rules are: make art every day; no throwing pieces away; and no giving up. What she’s gotten out of it is more than a very impressive series of paintings, though that in itself would be enough. Now into year two of her commitment, Erika, a mother of two and a self-taught artist, says that making art “is one of the most rewarding experiences, and gifts, you can give to yourself every day.”

Erika, we couldn’t agree more. If you’re ready to begin a commitment of giving yourself the gift of creativity, check out our klasses. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

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