Come with us to Ware, England, for a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Ohn Mar Win’s klass in the upcoming Sketchbook Skool kourse Imagining!

Ohn Mar is an artist and designer who makes beautiful patterned artwork, illustrations, and surface design. She revolutionized her illustration career by keeping a tiny sketchbook that she’ll show you. It’s a simple process that led to great success, both personally and professionally!

A single parent, Ohn Mar will share how she makes time for art while raising her two completely adorable kids. She also has great, simple tricks for self-care—something creative people tend to forget about. Watch Koosje and the SBS film crew make Ohn Mar’s klass, and if you haven’t already, join us for Imagining!

Cookies! (Or, if you’re in the UK: Biscuits!) Art: Ohn Mar Win

Beautiful art like this started out in a small sketchbook. Ohn Mar shows you how in Imagining. Art: Ohn Mar Win.

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