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Today’s blog is by Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene, who writes about going behind the scenes for Nina Johansson’s klass in our new kourse Exploring. Click here for a look at what it’s like to film a Sketchbook Skool kourse. Here’s Koosje to tell you more about Nina and what she’ll be teaching in Exploring.

Have you ever noticed how everything becomes interesting as soon as you start drawing it?

When you’re on your way to work or the gym, or taking the dog for a walk around the block, do you notice anything around you? Not me. I usually just pass by places in my neighborhood without really seeing them.

Unless you start drawing. When you sit down to sketch something—even if it’s something you see every day—it suddenly becomes interesting. You notice archways and accents on buildings. You see the play of shadow and light. You notice people—what they’re wearing, their expressions.

Everything becomes interesting when you draw it.

Drawing turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. That’s what Nina Johansson will be teaching in the new Sketchbook Skool community kourse Exploring.

When I visited Stockholm to film Mattias Adolfsson’s klass, I asked if he knew any other Swedish illustrators who would be good for Sketchbook Skool’s Fakulty. Right away, he said “Nina Johansson!” And Sketchbook Skool students have been begging us to get Nina.

Nina is a rock star in the world of Urban Sketching—the art of drawing on location, rather than from photos or still life. And because Nina is in love with drawing, even mundane scenes (her favorites to sketch) become beautiful.

For her klass in Exploring, Nina took us on an Urban Sketching trip to a park she passes on her bicycle every day. She didn’t just draw a building, cars, and people; she drew a scene from life. Through her eyes and sketchbook art, the ordinary became something unique and wonderful.

Nina is so down-to-earth, bright and warm. You’ll find out when you take her klass. One night we made dinner together in her apartment, and she let me flip through her sketchbooks. Her watercolor paintings! Nina’s watercolor art is amazing.

In Exploring, she shows how she builds up the colors of the typical Swedish yellow building and its shadows—and when to stop and be happy with what you’ve made. Most of all, she teaches you how to turn the things you see every day into beautiful works of art.

You can meet Nina this week–she’ll be doing a Facebook live chat on our Sketchbook Skool News page this Friday, April 14 at 12 noon ET.

Exploring starts April 17. Come explore how you can turn your world into beautiful art. We can’t wait to take this klass with you.

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