Lynne Chapman is a world-famous Urban Sketcher and illustrator. And she’s teaching a klass in the new Sketchbook Skool kourse, Exploring.

In her upcoming klass, Lynne teaches from her bright, sunny studio in Sheffield, England. She shares her secrets of watercoloring and shows you her amazing concertina-style sketchbooks (they fold out horizontally, so you can do larger scenes in them!). She teaches you how to tell stories through sketching, show the passage of time, and more. She also shares her secrets of Urban Sketching, drawing on location. It’s like receiving teachings from the master, only Lynne makes it accessible and, most important, fun.

For an idea of how much fun Lynne can be, check out this Facebook Live Fakulty Chat, which she did a few weeks ago. She’s incredibly bubbly and as excited as we are about this upcoming klass! Click here to see more of what Lynne and the other rock star fakulty members will be teaching in Exploring.

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Featured image art by Lynne Chapman.

Art: Lynne Chapman

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